The Enemy Within (2e)

Session 4

Pflugzeit 4

The Journal of Sigric Vogel, Student and Adventurer:

The Plot Thickens

Magerius came to talk to us after the lunch. Apparently he has finally discovered his conscience and told us what dire acts have befallen this town. He wanted to use the dark arts to gain wealth and power, but it seems he is unwilling to pay the price – a human sacrifice will be made tonight at a new temple. He can’t give us the location yet, but he will get back to us this afternoon.

Sure enough, a servant of Magerius arrived later to invite us to his house. We promptly attended, but on arrival discovered he had been brutally murdered shortly before we arrived. Magerius had left us a final note which Merriella adroitly realised was the location of the ritual: Warehouse 13 (or possibly 17, it’s hard to say). We also discovered a letter from an Etelka Hagen, who is a fellow practitioner of forbidden arts, but that will have to wait.

Unfortunately the servant (who proved to be incorporeal somehow) took us to be the killers and called for the watch. We only just escaped.


Our escape form the constabulary was fraught with danger. I barely escaped with my life from an encounter with a watchman. I really need to develop my combat skills, or get better armour, or both.

Eventually we escaped our pursuers, only to enter a chase of a different nature. We discovered another doppelganger of Kurt! That one such person could exist stretches credibility enough, but three? Dark forces are at work, here but I’ve come to expect that in this accursed town. It seems he was framing Kurt for arson. We caught up with him, only to have him walk through a solid wall! We fled the mob chasing this imitation Kurt just in time, though now it seems we’re wanted for murder and arson.

I can scarcely believe the things I am writing, and I saw them with my own eyes. It is though the whole of Bogenhafen were caught in the grip of the Ruinous Powers, warping and twisting it like a cat playing with a mouse. Sigmar servo nos!

The Ritual

We saw no one on our way to the docks, it seems the townsfolk had finally worked out that there was nothing amusing about chaos descending on their homes. Warehouse 17 proved locked and uninhabited, we left before any guards or watch could turn up.

Warehouse 13 proved to be more promising, there was a space cleared, most likely for the ritual. Erwin hid outside in the mist, while the rest of us concealed ourselves among thre crates in the warehouse.

After a few hours the Ordo arrived with a bound and gagged thief, it seems she was to be the sacrifice. Just as the leader was about to strike, Corvin took his shot. It should have struck true, but some force partially deflected it. We rushed to the attack and then all the hells broke loose at once. One of the Ordo was a daemon in disguise, both it and the cult leader (probably Councillor Teugen, but they were all wearing hoods) wielded terrible magics and the daemon had the strength of 10 men. Kurt was struck down by dark magic and Corvin was nearly broken in half by the daemon, losing his crossbow and getting thrown across the room like a rag doll.

The situation looked grim until the stroke of midnight. It seems that the time to complete the ritual had elapsed and the dark powers they served demanded payment. Johannes was consumed in a cloud of dark smoke and the daemon was returned to the vile pit from whence he came. So ends all those who treat with the powers of chaos.


We fled the warehouse, so as to avoid the watch, doubtless the incompetents would blame us for this as well, Corvin and Kurt had to be carried as they were still unconscious. When we arrived at Josef’s boat it was guarded by a couple of watchmen, but we dispatched them quickly with Josef’s assistance. One of them died by my hand, the first man I have killed. It’s truly a shame that I had to kill an honest watchman simply because of a misunderstanding, may Sigmar guard his soul.

I have resolved to spend the next few days reading the daemonology text we recovered from Teugen. While exposing myself to such a work places my soul in jeopardy, I fear I have no choice. I’m no warrior like Kurt and Corvin, and I have no talent for stealth like Merriella, nor the ranged abilities of Erwin. My contribution to our band so far has been my talent for first aid and the knowledge I have acquired in my studies. But I don’t have any knowledge of forbidden arts, and yet we have encountered 2 daemons in 4 days. Knowledge may be the only weapon I can wield against such creatures and I must arm myself, whatever the cost. I need to understand what the Ordo was doing, and whether anyone else is attempting the same thing.

Corvin’s Recount

4th pflugzeit (after lunch) extra ponsy came to have a chat with us after lunch seems he was scheming but got the willies and decided to come clean, told us about some meeting they were having tonight didnt say where tho. later on his servant came to escort us to his masters house but when we got there we found extra ponsy or at least the body that used to be him shorty found a note saying warehouse 13 or maybe 17 didnt have time to make sure sodding watch turned up so we bolted… got more fricking splinters as I went over the fence.

watchmen caught up to us only once but I remained unhurt dont know about the others tho they were quite far behind me, as it turns out I’m REALLY good at running. After shaking the watch we found another guy who looks like ugly this time he was being chased by some pissed off mob so we chased him and the mob chased us. we caught up the second ugly only to have him walk backwards through a wall after a few failed attempts at trying to repeat his feat we decided to leg it since the mob might catch us.

we made it to the warehouses after dark this time there was no-one in the street warehouse 17 was shut up tight but 13 was unlocked so we went in and found some drawings on the ground, didn’t take us long to realise that this was the right place. Shorty, ponsy, ugly and I hid inside while fancy waited outside it wasn’t long before a bunch of rich looking buggers turned up and got dressed in some white robes (that wont hide the blood well chuckles) they had some wench tied up in the middle of their ground picture they all started muttering and going on and just as they head honcho was about to stab the woman I shot him, but the damn bolt seemed to slow down before it hit him. At that point all hell broke loose another sodding daemon turned up and started going apeshit and one of the white hoods starts flinging fire balls around the place one of them hit me and hrgfv rugg tiubv trih and I got set on fire and lost my cross bow, I managed to put myself out but then the daemon jumped up a struck me. I must have blacked out because the next thing I remembered was seeing ponsy stab a guard and then we were on loud mouths boat again… this was not a fun day at all …. except for lunch



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