The Enemy Within (2e)

Session 5

6 – 15 Phlugzeit

The Journal of Sigric Vogel, Student and Adventurer:

Phlugzeit 6th

We continued to rest and recuperate on Josef’s boat as we headed back toward Weissbruck, the day was uneventful, save for passing Castle Ravensburg.

Phlugzeit 7th

We encountered another riverboat foundered on the bank. We decided to investigate, and discovered the crew had been killed by mutants. We killed them, but I nearly had my arm torn off by an abomination with tentacles in place of arms. I survived by Sigmar’s grace alone. Kurt and Corvin upgraded their armour, allowing me to pick up a spare mail shirt; hopefully I’ll be less vulnerable in future encounters.

We discovered a peddler aboard the ship, as well as a cargo of wool. We resolved to take over the riverboat for now, in accordance with maritime law.

Phlugzeit 8th

Josef gave us a brief tutorial on operating a riverboat, and we bade him farewell. I’ll miss the old sot, but I don’t think he’ll miss the trouble we’ve brought to his boat.

Phlugzeit 9th

We arrived in Weissbruck at about noon and sold our cargo of wool. Merriella wanted to visit Elvyra, the merchant she met at the Schaffenfest. Apparently the merchant deal in shady goods and Merriella wants access to her network. I can’t say I’m happy about this, but Merriella’s criminal contacts were valuable in Bogenhafen, and we need all the help we can get.

When we arrived at Elvyra’s cottage, we discovered she was gone, and there were signs of a struggle. Inside we found Elvyra’s housekeeper, a young girl who told us her mistress had been kidnapped. Presumably this related to some underworld dispute, but we could hardly leave the poor woman to her fate, even if she is partially responsible for her own fate. We resolved to track her kidnappers down and rescue her.

After inquiring at a local inn, we found her abductors in a barn north of the town. I hid at a distance while the other snuck closer. Once the fight I was joined, I ran in. Kurt, and Erwin were sorely pressed at first, but they recovered and managed to dispatch the thugs in a truly brutal fashion. It’s moments like this that make me wish I drank. Elvyra was beaten up, but largely uninjured, so we returned to her cottage for the night.

Phlugzeit 10th

We spent the day recovering from our battle last night. Meanwhile Merriella learned the rudiments of the Fence’s trade.

Elvyra explained she was kidnapped by a crime syndicate that made demands of her she would not honour. It would seem there is some honour among thieves.

Phlugzeit 11th – 12th

We picked up a cargo of timber and set off for Altdorf.

Phlugzeit 13th

We arrived in Altdorf, Kurt collected his allowance, and had a bizarre run in with a group that I assume is affiliated with some kind of chaos cult, but they ran before we could question them. I purchased a set of physician’s tools, and the others shopped for weapons.

Phlugzeit 14th – 15th

I applied to the Altdorf Physician’s Guild, and spent two days following a physician at work. At the end of this time I passed the examination. I am now licensed to practice medicine throughout Reikland!

We agreed to travel to Wisserburg, I want to find out what nefarious activities are occurring there.

Corvin’s Recount

7th pflugzeit now fully recuperated from my wound apparently I was thrown across the warehouse by the daemon which explains why I felt like a slab of well tenderised meat. We came across another boat that looked like it had been abandoned. we found the remains of the crew seconds before being attacked by some mutants we killed them without to much hassle fancy was nice enough to lend me his bow. We searched the holds of the boat and found a new crossbow for me aswell as a new set of armour… oh and a stowaway but due to maritime law we had control of the boat and its cargo untill we could find its owner so loudmouth taught us how to not sink a boat and we went our seperate ways.

pflugzeit 9th we arrived in weissbruck and sold the cargo(gotta love maritime law)shorty kept jabbering about something so we followed along, once we got where she was leading we found no-one was home but it looked like shorty’s friend had been taken searched the house and found a little girl who told us that her mistress had been kidnapped, so us being such good folk and what not decided that we would rescue this woman.

we asked around and found out where she might be hidden. we got to the barn close to dark so everyone except ponsy snuck up and had a poke around fancy a ugly snuck around the back and me and shorty went in the front I shot the first guard in the head and he died without making a sound. shorty exploded the other guys arm (what the hell rocks does she use)after the we mad eour way up to help fancy and ugly once we got there fancy treated us to a shower of blood (I’m getting him to clean my gear if he keeps that up) as he somehow removed the poor buggers head with a dagger .. with just one swipe I finished of the other guy but cutting him in half (cant have a fancy bugger upstaging me) showering the party in another lot of gore. so looking like a butcher who had the shakes while working we rescued shorty’s friend and she was good enough to provide us with a meal and well needed baths aswell as a place to sleep for the night…. gory day

pflugzeit 10th Hung around while ponsy fixed everyone up and shorty muttered things to her friend shorty seems a bit shifty but hey she smells of pies so who am I to judge.

pflugzeit 11th got ourselves a new cargo of wood MORE FREAKING SPLINTERS

Pflugzeit 12-13 mad our way to altdorf some shifty looking guys put some purple crap on ugly guess they decided he needed more colour.

pflugzeit 14-15 hung around altdorf so ponsy could get his doctorin permit then we set out for wisserburg after I got my self a sweet new axe its had the top spike removed to its easier to carry and the blade has an extra weight of steel in it so it bites deeper not to mention the haft is solid oak with a lacquer coating and the handle is shark skin over a rope binding so my hand wont slip and it has a woolen tassle above the handle to absorb the blood…. its so beautiful.



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