The Enemy Within (2e)

Session 6

16 – 27 Phlugzeit

The Journal of Sigric Vogel, Physician and Adventurer

Phlugzeit 16th

We set out for Nuln, via Grissenwold and Kemperbad.

Phlugzeit 17th

Kurt thought he saw someone following us, but I couldn’t see anything. Kurt was probably just drinking again.

Phlugzeit 18th

We passed the fortress of Reiksguard without incident.

Phlugzeit 19th

It seems Kurt was less inebriated than I thought, there are definitely two people following us. Corvin hit one with a well-placed shot and they fled.

Phlugzeit 20th

Passed without incident

Phlugzeit 21st

We approached a half-built Semaphore tower. A group of dwarf engineers are constructing it under Imperial Commission, but several of them seemed awfully keen to leave. The foreman explained that several of the team had died over the past few days, the recent victims show signs of being poisoned by something with man-sized claws. We agreed to defend the crew until the threat could be found, or their work was complete. We stood guard that night, but we saw nothing.

Phlugzeit 22nd

Kurt and Erwin scouted the woods and encountered a Halfling vampire hunter. If that wasn’t improbable enough, he went by the moniker of Halfhelsing. He was tracking a vampire and it’s possible it was responsible for the dead engineers. The prospect of fighting a dread creature like a vampire is more than a little daunting, but I’m reassured by the presence of a professional vampire hunter, even if he is slightly deranged.

We were attacked that night. The vampire was a twisted nightmare, it killed Halfhelsing without so much as a word, it and its ghoulish ally hurt Kurt and I badly. The vampire proved vulnerable to fire, and some quick thinking by Merriella drove it away. We pursued the ghoul down into a secret chamber below the old ruin. There we encountered a pack of zombies – it seems they had nothing to do with the vampire. Ultimately we prevailed, but my left arm was broken.

It turns out there was a necromancer’s laboratory beneath the ruins. It contained a set of notes with some astrological significance, but I can’t make any sense of them.

Phlugzeit 23rd – 24th

The dwarf foreman paid us for our efforts, and we decided to spend a couple of days resting. I was able to set my arm well enough to make sure it will heal cleanly in 2 weeks or so. I read through the journal and it seems there’s some type of mystical convergence at Wisserberg. Something evil lurks there, and I have to find out what it is.

Phlugzeit 25th – 27th

We left the signal tower and headed on to Kemperbad. The journey was blessedly uneventful. We should arrive in Kemperbad tomorrow.



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