The Enemy Within (2e)

Session 7

28 Phlugzeit - 18 Sigmarzeit

The Journal of Sigric Vogel, Physician and Adventurer

Phlugzeit 28th

We arrived in Kemperbad today. We sold our cargo of timber and bought a cargo of luxuries for the trip to Nuln. I was able to use my share of the profits to send a money order to my parents, enough to clear their debts. I’ve reached my goal, the reason I left Nuln in the first place. But I can’t go back to the academy yet, not after what I’ve seen. These cultists would bring ruin to the Empire and by Sigmar I won’t rest until they’ve been cast down!

Alas, the rest of the day did not go as well. Kurt got into an altercation with yet another purple cultist and managed to get the lot of us arrested! I will have to remind Master Boehm of the value of discretion the next time I am treating his wounds.

Phlugzeit 29th

We departed for the Barren Hills by way of Twin Falls, but not before Kurt had a lock of his hair stolen. At least we didn’t get arrested this time.

Phlugzeit 30th – Sigmarzeit 1st

Our journey to Twin Falls was rough, the boat sustained minor damage, but otherwise uneventful.

Sigmarzeit 2nd

We arrived in Twin Falls. The locals said we should talk to a local druid by the name of Corrobreth. Apparently he’s an expert on the local geography, and lives in Unterbaum, a nearby village.

Sigmarzeit 3rd

We set out for Unterbaum overland, crossing the Narn river. Corrobreth identified the location on our map as Devil’s Bowl and agreed to guide us into the Barren Hills by canoe.

Sigmarzeit 4th – 5th

We canoed up the Narn River toward Devil’s Bowl.

Sigmarzeit 6th

We arrived at Devil’s Bowl just in time to camp for the night. Around midnight Kurt awoke us, there was the ghost of a murdered woman before us. She led us to her body, telling a tale of betrayal – she was part of an expedition to recover a shard of Morrslieb, but the wizard leading the party (a Dagnar von Wittgenstein), killed them all and stole the shard.

While we were giving the bodies a proper burial, we were ambushed by beastmen, though these held the aspect of a rat, rather than the more common goat. Naturally this set Kurt off about the “skaven” he’s constantly ranting about, despite my attempts to explain to him that they were simply a Tilean myth. Erwin was nearly killed, but we were able to defeat them. Further into the caves we encountered a small band of skeletons, and one of them held the key to the secret room in the signal tower. Having found out all we could, we resolved to return to the tower as quickly as possible.

Sigmarzeit 7th – 17th

We returned to Unterbaum, then Kemperbad and finally the signal tower. I was greatly anticipating what we would find there.

Sigmarzeit 18th

What we found was books … and death. While we were loading the latter onto our boat, the former arrived on a white horse. The Lady Atalka tried to bluff us into handing over our boat, and when I met her prevarications head on she responded with magic. I was gravely wounded by a volley of magical darts, and I quickly sought cover on the boat. Atalka summoned arrows, fire and daemons before Corvin and Erwin could bring her down, and even then she escaped somehow. But it was all too late for poor dear Merriella, who was torn to shreds by a daemon. May Sigmar keep her soul.



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