The Enemy Within (2e)

Session 8

Sigmarzeit 19 - Sumerzeit 8

The Journal of Sigric Vogel, Physician and Adventurer

Sigmarzeit 19th

We buried Merriella today. I couldn’t help her and now she is in Sigmar’s care. The dwarves had just finished the tower and their sergeant, Hurzina volunteered to join our group. We could always do with another talented warrior in the party (and one skilled with boats no less), so we welcomed her into our company. Reading through Atalka notes it would seem that she and Ernst served a cult of the Changer of the Ways, but a separate one to the purple robed cultists that have been pursuing us. Wheels within wheels … what else can one expect for the Architect of Fate?

Having completed our task, we set out for Nuln, by way of Kemperbad and Grissenwold.

Sigmarzeit 20th – 26th

Passed without incident. Hurzina proved to be very capable with the boat, and Erwin scouted along the shore on his new horse.

Sigmarzeit 27th -29th

We arrived in Kemperbad, and resupplied. We have passed through this town so many times in the past 2 months that I have nothing else to say about it. We set out for Grissenwold on the 29th.

Sigmarzeit 30th – My birthday

I turned 36 today, and as we head toward the city I have called home for almost all of my time in exile, I am left thinking about how much has changed for me. While I have left the calling of the seminary behind me, I fell that I have come to serve Sigmar in another way. Whatever these cultists are up to, they must be stopped, and if I can help achieve that I can be confident I am following a righteous path. Walking away from the priesthood has left me thinking more about my life back in Estallia. I don’t know who framed me or why, but I want to find out. I called Duke De Marco a friend once, and I would like to do so again, and perhaps I could even see my Maria once again.

Sigmarzeit 31st – Sumerzeit 3rd

Another month turns, but our journey remains uneventful.

Sumerzeit 4th

We arrived in Grissenwold, a miserable village full of drunken dwarfs (a remarkable sight in its self). The local villagers have been suffering frequent raids, and they believe the dwarfs are responsible. Since Atalka has connections to this village, we decided to investigate. We met with the dwarfs, and they denied any connection to the raids. I’m no stranger to deception, and they seemed to be honest about the innocence. Apparently they used to own the mine before Atalka took it over. There seemed to be some lingering bitterness there, but I couldn’t work out why.

The farms were being raided in a fairly clear pattern, so we set an ambush at the next likely target. Sure enough it was raided that night, by goblins. Hurzina, Kurt and Corvin saw them off handily, and we collected plenty of evidence that goblins were to blame, thus exonerating the dwarfs, no one could believe that dwarfs and goblins would work together.

Sumerzeit 5th

We met the dwarfs again, showing them the proof we collected. When we announced our intention to assault the mine, they hired us out a few of their warriors.

On the way we found a dwarf, nearly dead from arrow trauma and blood loss. I was able to stabilise him, and we brought him with us, so I could monitor his condition.

We investigated a tower just outside the mine, rescuing 2 humans and a halfling chef. We also encountered a group of goblins, including one who had taken to wearing Atalka’s clothing, a sight I shall not soon forget. His unusual mode of dress proved no protection and our extended party quickly cut him down. We discovered a range of jewellery and other riches, and it seemed only fair we looted Atalka’s possessions after all she took from us.

Sumerzeit 6th – 7th

Our work done, we set out for Nuln, for a brief resupply before going to investigate the castle.

Sumerzeit 8th

Almost 4 months after I left, I find myself back in Nuln. We sold our cargo of luxuries and picked up a load of Iron, for our trip back up the river. I bought a set of pigeons for Estallia, in the hope I can open communications with the De Marcos.

Corvin caught rumours of vampire activity, and we agreed to investigate.

Hurzina’s log

Sigmarzeit 19th The humans who had fought the crazed sorceress bitch buried their fallen halfing companion. My uncle and his workforce have almost totally completed the signal tower and after witnessing the horrendous fight the day before i requested leave to join these adventurers who seem to be fighting to stop evil. My Uncle was unhappy with this decision but respected my need to find meaningful battle to bring honour to my family. Hell who knows, perhaps with all the crazy shit they seem to get up to i might even find that damned heirloom we lost a while back (I had sat down with the shady seeming human called Corvin – he seems to be fascinated with my people, and he told me something of their encounters so far). Having gained Uncle’s okay I requested that they allow me to join them. The Doctor seemed quite happy to have me along since i know something of boats. We headed for Nuln. Apparently we will be visiting Kemperbad and Grissenwold on the way. Sigmarzeit 20th – 26th Rather uneventful travel, i managed to keep the river boat afloat and the short human, Erwin (same height as me almost, what a shrimp, nice guy though) took up position as our outrider on his horse and we encountered no one. Sigmarzeit 27th -29th safely arrived in Kemperbad. We resupplied and the tall strange looking human called Kurt and Corvin picked up weapons from a dwarevn smith they had apparently put downpayments on when they were last hear. Haven’t spent much time in Kemperbad and other than the interesting system of lifts not much to note. Left for Grissenwold on the 29th. Sigmarzeit 30th – Sumerzeit 3rd Apparently was the Doctors birthday on the 30th. Not much else to say, just more river travel. Sumerzeit 4th Arrived in Grissenwold, a small village in which several dwarves are living. We met some of them at the inn, quite drunk, even for one of my kind. After a few tense moments in which a fight seemed likely, i managed to get some information from them. It seems frequent raids have been occurring in the area, and the stupid local humans believe the dwarfs are responsible. My new companions we decided to investigate i quite happily agreed to help clear the dwarves honour, though the others were more interested in the fact that the crazy sorceress woman Atalka had lived here. We went to the encampment where the dwarves were living, i was quite amused by my human companions reaction to entering the smoke filled lodgings and as expected the dwarves professed innocence. The reason they were dwelling near the village was that they had sold their mine nearby to Atalka and she had booted them out. They were not happy with the whole situation even though it seems they had made a clear choice to sell. After a brief discussion we decided to head out and to set up an ambush at what was likely to be the next target that night. I was uneasy about being out in the evening with dark approaching. the raiders turned out to be a bunch of filthy goblins riding wolves which i was more than happy to eliminate. Corvin proved himself a masterful shot with his crossbow taking out several of the nasty critters. As it turned out i did not need to worry about the dark since some of the bastards set the barn on fire. The Doctor, Corvin and Short ass almost got themselves toasted while Kurt and I got to breaking some Gobbo skulls. Killed a few before the miserable cowards fled. We managed to take a few more down as they ran. Sumerzeit 5th Upon acquiring the proof that the dwarves were not responsible, a fact which i never doubted we returned to their village and advised them of the same. Their gratitude was shown by an offer of assistance in our plan to search the mine and sorceress bitch’s tower however as they asked for pay so we only took 3 of them. On the way we found a dwarf, who was near death Doctor managed to stabilise him, and we brought him with us to keep him from being attacked again. When we reached the mine entrance we found the solitary tower. Upon investigation we found it had been trashed by filthy bloody goblins. We did find two humans and a halfling cook who had survived the goblin occupation. On the upper levels we encountered a group of goblins. One of the crazed blighters was wearing crazy bitch’s clothing. Who woulda thought Goblins could be fracking crossdressers! We quickly disposed of the horrid thing and set about looting and in the process discovered a range of jewellery. Sumerzeit 6th – 7th Having cleared my fellow dwarves of wrong doing and aided m new companions in their searches, we headed to Nuln with the plan of selling the cargo the humans had acquired and resupplying before they continued their quest.. Sumerzeit 8th Arrived in Nuln. While the other’s picked up a cargo of Iron I visited my uncle who had just returned from the newly built signal tower.



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