The Enemy Within (2e)

Session 9

Sumerzeit 9 - 30

The Journal of Sigric Vogel, Physician and Adventurer

Sumerziet 9th

Our hunt for the vampire began in earnest. I started by checking with local temples and my colleagues at the Physicians’ Guild. There has been a rash of strange corpses recently: small puncture wounds but killed by exsanguination with no blood around the body. The victims have all come from the slums with a clear cluster around the graveyard.

My next stop was at the university, where I looked up some of my old friends. I met with a gentlemen who specialises in Von Carstein genealogy and he is convinced that one of the Von Carsteins was buried in Nuln under an alias. I skimmed through his paper, and while it’s heavy on conjecture and light on evidence, it is something to go on.

I met up with the rest of the party, and it appears they had found other evidence pointing to the graveyard near the slums. We decided to check with the local college of magic for final corroboration. What we found was much more disturbing. According to the acolyte we met with (which was then confirmed by no less than the patriarch-in-residence) I have an unstable magical aura, making me a danger to everyone around me! I have no choice, I must receive training in magic to avoid spreading chaos everywhere I go. I’ve never look at wizards with anything but suspicion, but this is as clear a sign as a pronouncement from Sigmar himself. I need to receive the basics of magical training in the next few days, and then receive enough to become a full wizard the next time we are in Altdorf.

Sumerzeit 10th

We investigated the graveyard in the morning, early but well after dawn. Our search led us to a mausoleaum bearing the legend “Ser Cain Van Honst”, an obvious anagram for Hans Von Carstein. So now we knew for certain … we were hunting a cliché.

We checked with the Stevedores Guild. After a little of Handrich’s persuasion they revealed that a number of man-sized boxes had been delivered to 10 houses around Nuln. In one of them we found Von Carstein asleep, and slew him, though Corvin nearly died.

Sumerzeit 11th – 28th

For several days I studied the fundamentals of sensing and shaping magic, but I still lack the power and knowledge necessary to actually cast spells. Once I was judged safe, we headed to Wittgendorf by river, stopping in Grissenwold on the 20th to resupply.

Sumerzeit 29th

We met an outgoing boat on our approach. They warned us against proceeding, showing us a body they recovered from the river. It was … unspeakably mutated, barely recognisable as human. I wrote an examination report for them to take to Nuln, that should prevent another physician having to look at it at least.

The village was utterly devastated, beggars are everywhere and the only signs of prosperity were the guards (who stayed at the castle) and the local physician, who invited us to dinner tomorrow. I’ll be keen to hear what he thinks is causing the malady afflicting this village.

We searched the local temple of Sigmar, a littler-strewn wreck. In a records room (locked to prevent looting), we discovered that this region was fertile and prosperous up until 100 years ago, which coincides with the arrival of the wyrdstone. Even then, the region managed to carry on until 2 years ago when a storm of black rain covered the land.

In the catacombs beneath the temple, Kurt recovered a magical sword.

Sumerziet 30th

The deplorable conditions of this village are beginning to tax me. I saw a baby today that was so badly mutated it looked to be half-spider. We visited the village’s only inn, and discovered that a letter had been dispatched to me from the Nuln Physicians’ Guild. My bother physicians charged me with investigating the local doctor, apparently they are suspicious of his cure-all. Their suspicions proved all too prescient – when I examined some of it, it proved to be nothing by a placebo, and some unknown substance that reacted to my magical sight. On closer inspection, it appeared to be wyrdstone! This manaic has been poisoning people! I dispatched a report to Nuln immediately by pigeon, they must be warned!

That night we set out for dinner, I have to confront this monster. As we departed our boat was seized by the local guards, this bodes ill indeed. At the doctor’s residence Erwin, Corvin and I investigated while Kurt and Hurzina stood guard in case we needed help. I recovered papers that proved the local lady has been supplying wyrdstone dust to the “doctor”, I’ll send them to Nuln once we recover the boat.

I don’t recall much of dinner. The food was drugged, and I nearly passed out. Once I recovered my wits, Hurzina and Kurt told me they prevented The lady and her guards from kidnapping us. A local vilager escorted us to a local outlaw camp so we could train and prepare to end this menace once and for all.

Journal of Hurzina

Sommerzeit 9th

We began investigating the disappearances in Nuln that the Priest of Mors had alerted us to. Corvin was intrigued due to the suspicion of vampires being responsible. We split up to find out more about the disappearances. We headed to the local watch first and found out that people have been going missing from the slum area of Nuln more so than normal and that several bodies had been fished out of the river with bite marks and empty of blood. The others headed to the temples, physicians guild and other such places while I headed to the mercenaries guild. Alas I did not find out much as upon arrival I began to talk to several dwarven mercs and my love of ale resulted in much drinking and talking but they did not know much about the situation. I managed to head back to the boat before passing out.

Sommerzeit 10th

The others advised that they had found clues leading to the graveyard. We head out to investigate the area and after several hours of snooping around the Doctor notices that one of the mausoleums has a name that spells out Hans Von Carstein but the letters were all jumbled, the doctor called it an anamamgram or some bloody fancy sounding word. That name is one everyone knows of when it comes to vampires. We break into the crypt and find that it had been emptied Corvin’s skill and snooping unearthed a business card for a porter of the Stevedores guild. With that titbit we headed to the stevedores guild and with the helping hand of a 10 silver bribe they were most helpful and supplied us with the locations to which they had taken several large crates from the mausoleum. With the list of addresses in hand we headed to investigate the houses. The first two are empty but for a large crate with nothing in it. At the third property we locate in the cellar another of the large crates however upon opening it we find a very well preserved looking corpse of a richly dressed man. Corvin suspected that the corpse was in fact a vampire and after dipping a wooden stake in holy water and rubbing garlic on it he tried miserably to pound it into the corpse’s chest. I took the hammer from him and tired a great deal more successfully to drive the stake in. Unfortunately it would appear that the corpse was indeed a vampire. Alas the fracking stake idea rather than banishing it the stake merely awoke and angered it causing the bloody beast to attack us. We fought it and succeeded in killing the beast with Kurt striking a final powerful blow severing its head from its body causing the body to crumple to ash. Unfortunately we took some wounds the worst of which was suffered by Corvin who was damned near killed but somehow avoided fatal wounds. The head remained intact and we took it back to the priest of Mors.

Sommerzeit 11-15th

The doctor has spent the past few days up at the college of mages training. Apparently he has some magical talent. Here’s hoping he doesn’t go crazy on us. I took the spare time to visit my uncle and to also honour my siblings’ graves. I wish they were still living and miss them dearly.

Sommerzeit 16-19th

We began to head upriver toward Wittgendorf continuing my companions’ quest.

Sommerzeit 20th

We reached Grissenwald and stopped briefly for the doctor to ply his trade and to resupply before heading on.

Sommerzeit 21st – 28th

We continued the trip to Wittgendorf with nothing of note occurring.

Sommerzeit 29th

As we approach Wittgendorf we are greeted by the site of the castle looming up from the cliffs of the river. There is little other river traffic but the one other boat we see steers over to us, shouting warnings. We discourage Corvin from trying to put crossbow bolts in them before hearing them out. I keep the boat steady while the other go aboard they warn us that the castle is evil and that we shouldn’t stop there. Apparently they had a corpse of a mutated human on board that they had fished out of the river. We thanked them for the warning but advised that we had business there that could not be put off. I steered the boat to the jetty, the damn thing looked close to falling apart and littered with shit. As we docked a group of fracking beggars came a begging. They were all munched looking however the soft hearted doc threw out some pennies that soon saw them off fighting among themselves. We made our way up the dirt track to the town. As we approached the town we came across a mob of beggars surrounding guards with the Wittgenstein symbol who in turn surrounded a pretty human woman on a god damn white horse… man white horses give me the heeby jeebies. One of the beggars was on the ground looking pretty well smashed up. Another local saw us and shouted for help which earned him a beating and being dragged off by the guards. Doc tries to stabilise wounded beggar. The locals all look pretty beat up, missing limbs and other body parts, starved. Town seems pretty fracked up. Buildings all look run down except for one flash house. As we approach the occupant introduces himself as Jean Rousseau, the local physician. He invites the doc and us for dinner tomorrow. We continue to look around and end up in the run down temple. Place is deserted but quite pretty. All its walls were covered in frescoes and the roof covered in script all speaking of Sigmar. On the altar a book and a key sat on it untouched. The priest’s room and kitchen were both ransacked. A door off the kitchen looked as though someone had tried to claw their way in but it was soundly locked still. We used the key from the altar to open the door revealing a library of some sort which the Doc and Corvin disappeared into reading. I had never seen so many books. I do wish I could read their contents. Mainly local records apparently. About 100 years ago things started going wrong when some noble ass called Dagmar Von Wittgenstein, the one the others had spoken of back at the signal tower, came back from his journey presumably with the warp stone. Got worse 2 years ago, people and things started mutating. We all go back to the main chamber when Kurt bellows out he had found a trap door beneath the altar. I refuse to go into the darkness below. My damn cowardliness is shameful but I really hate small dark places! I stood on guard for some time before they came back. Kurt was bearing a very nice dwarven sword. I recognised the runes as those of my people but cannot understand them. They told me that the crypts below were all desecrated bar the one that Kurt found the sword in which had belonged to templar. A tunnel had led them to the graveyard which was similarly desecrated. We returned to the boat for the night.

Sommerzeit 30th

Head back to village. When we arrive the Doctor is approached by a haggard young woman who asks him to look at her baby. He appears shocked when he sees it and tells her there is nothing he can do. The poor thing was mutated severely apparently. As we head further into the township we see a two headed sheep being chased by a pack of beggars. Corvin shoots the damned thing and it is quickly fallen upon by the beggars. We head to the inn, called the shooting star. Looks pretty run down. Only people inside are the innkeeper and a couple of locals. As we approach the bar the innkeeper says he has a letter for a Sigric, the Doc steps forward to take the letter. Apparently the physicians guild wants him to check out the local doctor, think he may be some sort of charlatan. The locals refuse to discuss the castle at all. Fat lot of help these people are, but they do tell us that Dr Rousseau has a miracle cure. Doctor obtains some of this “cure” and we head back to boat so he can examine it. As evening approached we headed back to town to have dinner with the Dr Rousseau. As we leave the boat we are accosted by a bunch of god damned castle guards. The bastards confiscated our boat due to unpaid fees. Head up to the house now short a boat. Kurt and I stand watch outside, after since we don’t trust the physician we decided to carry everyone’s weapons for them just in case. After some time a carriage draws up with the lady who we saw when we first arrived and four guards. To post themselves with us and the other to go inside with miss high and mighty. The guards smell like ass and death. A few moments later the guards go inside. Kurt and I follow them and find the Doctor all dopey and Corvin and Erwin out cold. Two guards had picked the later up and when they saw us and legged it. The other two guards try to block us. Fraking bastards. We draw weapons and take them out and chase down the others. They drop our friends and run for the carriage. We let them go and take Corvin and Erwin back inside. We manage to rouse the Doc. He tells us of a secret room in the Physicians office. We check it out and find a mutilated and mutated corpse covered in flies. The Doc looks through the jars and quickly decides its best we leave. As we exit the house a local woman called Hilda offers us shelter with a band of outlaws in the forest. The dark seems even scarier than normal as we head into the twisted black woods. Screams and howls echo around us. Hilda tells us to hurry. Suddenly we seem to cross a barrier. The woods equally dark and creepy suddenly seem more normal and moments later enter the camp.



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