Corvin Krebs

gruff voiced bounty hunter


ws 34 a 1 bs 42 w 10 s 36 sb 3 t 39 tb 3 ag 37 m 4 int 36 mag 0 wp 38 ip 0 fel 34 fp 3

weapons: dagger, hand axe, crossbow (40 bolts), shepard bola

armour: leather skull cap, leather jerkin


Corvin decided he hated school at an early age, which lead him to an apprenticeship with a local woodsman. Whilst being surrounded by older people his attitude began to mature quickly, much to the dismay of his mother, due to this Corvin spent alot of time away from her.

Corvin and his family have recently been driven from their ancestral home by some rich noble, since this then corvin has spent some time with dwarves who taught him how to hunt men even better. Upon leaving the dwarves corvin vowed to return to his home to bury his sister (who was killed in the conflict) in the family crypt.

After joining a bounty hunters guild the name Erwin Corvus turned up on one of his bounties, however upon meeting Erwin, Corvin decides to tag along with him to see what happens (because they were born in the same month).

During his time in the guild Corvin developed a distrust of all things magical, including scribes and students. Corvin has however felt the pull of the ruinous powers of chaos (oh dear).

Corvin is only vaguely religious as a follower of Ulric and only prays when protocol dictates that he must. Corvin has a certain method when deciding what is good or evil (flips a coin … if he has one).

Corvin is polite yet formal to everyone he meets and knows, believing that emotion should only be employed in the heat of battle. His main distinguishing features are his black hair, gruff voice and a small but vicious dog name Sadnarak (who seems to be smarter than its owner as it appears able to read) who has arcane looking patterns in his fur. Corvin has a pictogram of Sleipnir (Odin’s horse) woven onto the back of his cloak. He has a fondness of juggling and is intrigued by fortifications and castles, but has a healthy distrust of rivers and rapids and a fear of enclosed spaces and is wary of trade guilds.

Corvin Krebs

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