Erwin Veber

Entertainer: (AKA, knife-juggling, horse-riding superstar). Short, stocky 18 year-old with light brown hair, brown eyes and a ragged ear that he's not quite sure how it ended up ragged.


WS: 33, BS:37, S:30, T:38, AG:37, Int:43, WP:43, Fel:39, A:1, W:13, M:4, FP:3

Dagger, shortsword and throwing knives.

Clad in leather armour (w00t!)


Erwin Veber grew up on his families ancestral farmland in the heart of Reikland. From as early as he can remember Erwin was out working the lands for his family. Erwin’s father was a hard man to please, and Erwin was frequently beaten for not paying attention to work. Erwin had an older and a younger sister, both of whom he didn’t really get along with too well. Considered a dreamer by many, Erwin aspired to be more than a simple farm boy.

Periodically, Erwin’s father would send him to work for his childhood friend in Auerswald who owned a restaurant. It was here, working for Michel Gordunhert that Erwin first learnt to handle tools with a little more finesse than you would a shovel or axe. Over the years, Erwin and Michel grew quite a close friendship, until one day, when Erwin was 12, their family received a message telling them of Michel’s murder. What little investigation that took place, revealed that Michel had quite a large gambling debt owned to a local cartel. Erwin swore revenge, even if it took a better part of his life to accomplish.

The following year, a massive goblin infestation in the area drove many of the local farmers away. Coupled with severe drought and poor return, the Veber family was forced to relocate from their ancestral home. Using this as an excuse to get out of an abusive relationship, Erwin’s mother left her husband and took the two girls with her. Being the only recipient of his father’s anger, Erwin soon left his new home in Bogenhafen. With his family in pieces, and a desire to enact revenge, Erwin set out on his first adventure at the age of 14.

Literally joining the circus, Erwin made money performing his juggling and knife throwing skills. Also an accomplished rider, Erwin learnt to incorporate riding into his shows. One night, Erwin had a few too many drinks at a tavern after his show, and met a girl. A few days ago, Erwin learnt that he is now the proud father of a bouncing baby boy. He then swore never to drink again.

Now that his latest “adventure” has gone on her way, Erwin can get up and head back to the tavern. Fostering the mother of all hangovers, he sees a notice calling for adventurers.

Erwin Veber

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