Kurt Boehm

The Red Headed Bastard Stepchild, who is literally knee deep in shit.....


WS:44 BS:24 S:28 T:33 AG:37 Int:31 WP:36 Fel:29 W:11 FP:3

Weapons: Dagger Club


Kurt’s life was never too good. Second born and clearly at the short end of the stick in almost every department. Being born with fiery red hair and ice blue eyes kind of makes you a target, and combine that with your mothers death at a young age and it’s a sure recipe for a shit start to life. Kurt grew up a very cold and deliberate child, trying to live up to the standards his older brother set. This led Kurt to know disappointment well, because once his father remarried he had 3 younger sibling who were also blessed with good looks and the smarts to back them up. This made Kurt a bitter child. However no matter how much he hated his brother he couldn’t help but look up to him for everything he did, and with his blood family shattered it was clear that everyone looked up to his father to keep them together. Which he did well.

However the one thing that gave Kurt a reprieve as a child was the trips he often made to a near by village where he could visit with his Aunt and not be judged, at least up until the point she was robbed and killed by a band of Outlaws while on her way to pick him up one summer. The outlaws made off with everything she had including the deed to a family mine. The watchmen of the village turned a blind eye for a quick bribe and the outlaws still sit on top of the mine to this day lounging and getting fat. Kurt wishes nothing more then to sneak into their estate one night and liberate them of the deed, and their lives while he’s at it.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, not only did Kurt start out in shit, he’s still knee deep in it. Life as a Sewer Jack is not an easy one. No ladies will meet your eyes and if they do it’s only for a second and only while they are turning their noses up to run the other way. However, no matter how many times he gets laughed at or turned down he still tips his hat and goes out of his way to be a true romantic. Still not even Kurt is blind and with so much failure it was only a matter or time before even he took the hint and started finding his thrills with the more money interested women of the nearby Brothel.

All was going well until just recently, when one of the cheaper ladies whose services he had procured was not quite as clean as she made out, and ever since he’s had a burning in his loins that has nothing to do with wanting children. Now with an itch that wont go away, shit splattered up to his waist and a missing eyebrow from a nasty fight in bar he heads out to the streets to stumble home when he notices a flier on the door stating a desperate need for adventurers, and of course he always did want to try his hand at a new job…

Kurt Boehm

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