Merriella Darkwater


Weapon: belt dagger, 3 throwing knives and a sling Armour: leather jack, leather leggings WS 34 A 1 BS 47 W 11 S 18 SB 1 T 24 TB 2 AG 37 M 4 INT 34 MAG 0 WP 37 IP 0 FEL 44 FP 2


Born to a relatively well respected family near the Moot, Merriella Darkwater was as a young child quite sickly. She resented her illness and was often rude and disobedient with her parents over their protective attitudes. Early on she learnt to distrust physicians. She wanted to explore and play with the other children but was not allowed. Trapped inside most of the time she became close with her bed ridden grandfather who would tell her tales of the wide world. She was fuelled by these stories and became determined that she would travel the world and see faraway places.

She got to travel to the city to stay with family friends each winter as a child after her baby brother was born. This did not satisfy her desire to travel and she convinced her parents to allow her to travel to brettonia to visit family who had migrated there. She soon returned home though as she found she disliked foreign food and missed the good home cooked pies her mother made.

During her short absence however the world seemed turned on its head. Her parents had divorced and her mother remarried and it was revealed that the city family friend was her real father. She often got in trouble for being a hypochondriac (after long periods of illness as a child she is always convinced she was sick). During the summer after her return she met a young Halfling man in a neighbouring village and their love flourished for a brief period (she still has all 8 love note he sent her) until he died in an accident. On top of that loss, her niece was murdered at the hands of a mutant who then chased her aunt through the forests before being stopped.

These tragedies, combined with her family situation have left her bitter. Her life seemed horrid and further turned for the worse when her brother went missing. She turned to alcohol for comfort and became known as a loud, judgement and hypocritical drunk. Her anger and losses turned her sour and she vowed never to love another man, to never marry and never talk to her mother again.

Her nephew, a well respected citizen of the Moot, helped motivate her by begging her to find her brother. With that mission in heart she left the Moot once again. Her first stop was a nearby coaching inn where she was attacked by human mercenaries who hated Halflings and was helped by a coachman to escape. The coachman introduced her to some friends of his who turned out to be tomb robbers. She joined with them for a while helping them find artefacts and valuable items hidden in ancient (and some not so ancient) tombs. She used her spare time to hunt out her brother (as yet she has had no luck). Her ability to see in very dim light but major fear of total dark means she often was the one of the group to “light the way”. A collapse of a tunnel in a very deep burial chamber has added a serious dislike of underground places to her already large list of hates which also includes, magicians, dwarves and the nation of Ostemark inability to stop the chaos hordes.

Her ability to find tombs with great treasures saw interest from a wealthy gentleman show has employed her as his personal treasure hunter. The arrangement suits her well as she is bad with money (sends far too much on delicious pies) and a steady income is to be valued. She approaches both her jobs and her hunt for her brother with single minded determination. Anyone who gets in her way is treated brutally with no mercy, though she rarely feels any hate or malice toward her enemies, none shall stand in her path if she is trying to obtain a goal. Many who she has briefly befriended have called her bloodthirsty and uncaring. She is driven to satisfy an unexplainable bloodlust and find her lost brother.

Those her befriend her, usually briefly as she is rather bad at keeping friends, note that she is conceited and has many quirks; a deep passion for pie, a strange fascination with siege machinery, superstitions regarding meeting strangers eyes and some very judgmental beliefs that are often contradictory all driven by a belief that the peasants are the backbone of society and too many rulers abuse their power. Of late she has once again resolved to never drink again and her sobriety has been fraught with wakeful and restless sleep, melancholy and fleas.

Merriella Darkwater

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