Sigric Vogel

A slightly overweight man in his mid-30s, with ginger hair. His eyes are different colours. He wears academic robes and carries a quarterstaff.


journeyman Wizard. WS:35, BS:28, S:49, T:46, Ag:46, Int:73, WP:63, Fel:47, A: 1, W: 16, M: 4, Magic: 2.

Armed with a sword, and dagger.


Sigric’s family moved to Bek from Reikland before he was born, after his grandmother was accused of witchcraft. He never fit in with the other children, who shunned him for his “foreign” status and strange eyes. He still harbours some bitterness against Talabeclanders. When he was 10, his aunt was killed by goblins, after she discovered them in an old mine near where she was picking mushrooms. The event affected Sigric greatly, and he idolised the local warrior priest who led the attack on the goblin’s lair. Sigric has avoided mines and similar spaces ever since, and still thinks of the priest as a true hero. The death of aunt Greta is a painful matter, and as such Sigric doesn’t talk about his family.

After coming of age, Sigric left the Empire to study history in Estallia. He graduated with full honours, and caught the eye of the powerful De Marco family. The De Marco offered him a job as a tutor for their children, and over the years Sigric became a trusted advisor, he even had ambitions of marrying into the family. But this changed when the Duke eldest son was killed by an Empire assassin. De Marco accused Sigric of complicity, and had him thrown in jail. He escaped with the help of his love, Maria, and returned to the Empire, knowing he could never go bask to Estallia.

Taking his exile as a sign, Sigric enrolled in the College of Nuln as a post-graduate to study theology. This rekindled his childhood desire to become a priest. His plans to join the seminary were curtailed by news that his parents (now living in Altdorf) had fallen into debt and needed his help. Sigric booked a return coach trip to Altdorf, but was robbed at a coaching inn along the way, escaping only because a passing outrider intervened. He now finds himself in an inn in Reikland with nothing but what he could carry and a need for fast money. And then he saw a notice calling for adventurers.

The Future
Having played his part in defeating the Cult of the Purple Hand, Sigric returned to Altdorf to take up a journeyman wizard position in the College of Light. He kept in touch with Erwin and the others at their inn. Sigric kept an eye out for more threats from chaos cultists, and even helped destroy a few small cults over time, but he never returned to adventuring, once was more than enough.

Sigric Vogel

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