The Enemy Within (2e)

Session 1
Jahrdrung 24 - 33


Sigric: The party met at a coaching inn on the road to Altdorf. Sigric and Kurt bonded matching wits with an effeminate Brettionian gambler, while Erwin practised his trade (to Corvin’s delight) and Merriella indulged in her love of pies.

Corvin: I met some one who could be my bounty but he juggles … I dunno I’m gunna follow him and his new friends to see what happens. They were talking about some rich guy hiring adventurers so I guess he wants more than one maybe he will take us lot (even if one of them looks like his parents were siblings). So after going to the local in the mutant had a game of cards with some whoopsy of a Brettonian anyway we caught him cheating he spouted some crap I could follow and the next thing I know the freak of nature sent him hurtling across the room, that was a sight then the dandy poured him a drink like they were old friends.

The Road to Altdorf

Sigric: The next day, the party set out to Altdorf by coach. The ride was fraught with trouble, from hung-over coachmen and snooty nobles, to a torrential downpour and an attack by mutants. It was during this attack that the party discovered a murdered man who was an exact double of Kurt. This man bore papers marking him as an heir to a noble title and not inconsiderable fortune.

Corvin: Damn coach drivers were drunk so the ugly one had a (short) go a driving them and guess what we crashed still found some guys his face looked like it was falling off but he still died when we got through with the bastard. Heard some horrible noise then something charged outta the bushes so I shot it as it turns out it was one of coach drivers that ran off some times it aint always good be so accurate, so hes dead now … oops. Found some genuine mutants when we followed the noise one of shot me so I shot him right back … I’m better. As it turns out the ugly one looks just like some dead noble we found what the hell, so ugly is gunna take dead ugly’s place good for him cant see him getting rich any other way with his looks and smell.


Sigric: The party arrived at Altdorf only to discover their prospective employer had already hired a party and left the city. Finding themselves at a loose end, the party explored the city, and discovered mysterious figures had taken an unhealthy interest in Kurt, most likely mistaking him for his doppelganger.

It was at this time that Sigric encountered an old friend, Josef Quartjin, who had brought his riverboat to Altdorf and was planning a trading mission to Bogenhafen. Since Kurt’s double was travelling to Bogenhafen to collect his title, the group decided they might as well travel along [you make impersonating a man to steal his inherited fortune sound so incidental and innocuous].

Corvin: Saw some guys taking an interest in ugly must’ve thought he was the rich ugly but they scuttled off, didn’t get a chance to pursue them further one of the the wordy ones friends turned up he was loud but he bought us lotsa drinks so he’s all good by me said we could sleep on his boat and he’s gunna give us a job on the boat if the adventuring thing falls through. On our way home I spotted some guys following us so dropped back to shadow them but they were killed by some unknown, they had some weird markings on em and little else so we dumped them in the river and called it a night. When we woke we set out to find out about the adventurers for hire job but it turns out the jobs been taken already also found out that two nobles we bumped into the previous night have been murdered serves em right for spewing all over the stunty. When we got back to the boat noisy said the watch were looking for us in regards to the two dead nobles, so we hid below deck and took noisy up on his job offer.

The River Voyage

Sigric: After a few uneventful days, the party arrived at Weissbruck, a trading town that acts as a way point, and warehouse, for river traders. It was here that Corvin recognised that one of the men shadowing Kurt was Adolphus, a fellow bounty hunter who resented Corvin for his superior skill and success.

The party followed Adolphus to the inn where he was staying, catching him conniving with a group of local toughs. That night Sigric, Erwin and Corvin staked out the inn to keep an eye on Adolphus but he evaded them and led an attack on the Beery Bellie, where Kurt and Merriella were spending the night.

The two adventurers heroically fought off Adolphus and his thugs, though Kurt was severely injured and narrowly avoided losing his life to a crossbow bolt to the shoulder, missing a major artery by a hair’s breadth. Once the others arrived, Adolphus was quickly dispatched and the party could lick their wounds.

Corvin: So boat trips are boring and I still hate rivers, when we got ashore I saw that whelp Adolphus it seems he still has it in for me. We followed him into an inn after he sent his thug out ugly followed him and the stunty went back to the boat poncy and fancy went up the stairs after Adolphus to keep a watch on him while I slept in the common room. The bastard must’ve snuck out during the night poncy and fancy woke me up said something was up, they weren’t kidding found the boat on fire and ugly bleeding everywhere saw Adolphus and shot him fancy ended up gutting the bastard … he had it coming. To everyone’s surprise ugly is still alive the lucky bastard I could’ve sworn he was gunna bleed out but he’s still alive.

Bogenhafen: Arrival

After four more days of river travel, the party arrived in Bogenhafen, just in time for the Schaffenfest.


The shadows of trees are slowly covering the road in front of you as dusk grows nearer. The massive trunks that protected you from harsh sunlight mere hours before grow increasingly menacing, as you begin to wish you hadn’t thought to save pennies by walking alone. The road to Altdorf is long, and leads through dangerous territory. Even in the heart of the Empire, mutants and beastmen hide in the shadows, waiting for unwary travelers to lose their way.

Stopping for a moment to take a long draught from your waterskin, you pull the crumpled notice that prompted your foolhardy journey from your pocket. Wanted Bold Adventurers it says, and the pay is certainly good enough to justify the risks you’re taking. Not that you have much left to lose after what happened…

Shouldering your pack, and pushing maudlin thoughts to the back of your mind, you continue on up a low rise and around a corner. With a sigh of relief, you see a coaching inn in the distance, its lamps already lit to ward off darkness and the dangers of the Drakwald. Between you and this haven, however, are a number of scruffily attired and indifferently armed figures.

Palming your belt knife you wander towards them, relaxing when you see no visible mutations marring their features. They seem to be arguing jovially, and you notice that two of them are holding notices similar to your own. Perhaps these are fellow applicants, hoping to escape a life of poverty and misery as you do. Maybe they will agree to continue to Altdorf together, lessening the dangers of the road through safety in numbers.


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