The Enemy Within (2e)

Session 10

Sumerzeit 31 - Vorgeheim 9

The Journal of Sigric Vogel, Physician and Adventurer

Sumerzeit 31st – Vorgeheim 5th

The outlaws are inexperienced but enthusiastic. Plans we recovered from the supposed physician note the existence of a secret entrance to the castle. This give us an entry point to the castle. Hurzina and Erwin spent a lot of time trying to train the rebels. I spent my days brewing poisons for the upcoming battle. I’m the only one with the knowledge needed to handle a poisoned blade safely, but I’m hoping that it will give me an edge in the battles to come.

Vorgeheim 6th

We decided it was time to reconnoitre the secret entrance, to see if it would provide us the edge we need. On our way there we encountered the ever-unpleasant Sergeant Krantz, along with a small body of men and some kind of hideous mutant that was being used as a tracking animal. Even striking from ambush we were sorely pressed, with both Kurt and Hurzina falling to lucky hits, they barely escaped with their lives. I ended up barely saving Kurt from Krantz, fortunately the Black Lotus on my blade proved more than a match for his soldier’s constitution. With our two primary warriors out of commission, we returned to the outlaw camp to recuperate.

Vorgeheim 7th

We spent the day recovering, and I was kept busy treating the party’s wounds.

Vorgeheim 8th

We returned to investigate the cave. There were signs of mutant activity outside, but we saw nothing more of that. Further in we passed a cave full of choking spores which affected Erwin badly. Eventually we reached a staircase leading up into the castle. We briefly investigated the interior of the castle, just enough to get a sense of the layout and hatch a plan: Kurt, Hurzina and I would lead the Dwarfs into the secret passage, having some hold the barracks doors to keep most of the guard locked down while the rest of us captured the gatehouse and opened the gates. This would allow Erwin, Corvin and the Outlaws to assault the gates and reinforce us.

Vorgeheim 9th

We seized the gatehouse with little effort, and while we waited for the outlaws we investigated a nearby tower. It proved to be overrun with undead, and I was severely wounded by a wight.

Once we exited the tower, the outlaws had arrived, but so had a contingent of guards. We overcame them, but only through a hard battle. I was once again nearly killed by one of the last remaining sergeants.

Our attack on the castle a qualified success, we proceeded into the near-deserted interior of the castle. Our first destination was a Sigmarite temple that had been profoundly (and profanely) desecrated, and rededicated to Slaanesh. The temple called forth a minor daemon to defend it, but we were able to drive it off, and cast the temple’s unholy icon into the river.

Finally we approached the central manse. The horrors I saw there will last me for the rest of my days. We encountered several of the ruling family, each one a twisted abomination, physically or spiritually (or both). We did encounter a guest at the manse who was the size of a small bear and seemed awfully enthusiastic at the prospect of slaughtering his hosts. Never ones to look a gift maniac in the mouth, we invited him to join us. Our search of the manse turned up a rather disturbing letter from another member of the family in Middenheim. Apparently this brother has ominous-sounding plans for Hexentag. We will need to investigate this after our business at the castle is concluded.

Finally we reached the laboratory where the lady of the castle conducted her horrific experiments … and she has a pet werewolf. Kurt, Hurzina and our new ally did battle with the werewolf, but were quickly overpowered as the beast wouldn’t stop, even after losing both its arms. Lady Wittgenstein threw some kind of death magic at the lot of us, stunning the werewolf before it could finish Kurt and Hurzina off. As the only member of the party fully compos mentis, I dashed up the stairs to engage the witch, only for her to launch another death spell directly at me. Sigmar must have blessed me in that room, because not only did I resist the spell, but the toll of drawing so much magic overwhelmed Wittgenstien, rendering her insensible. I quickly poisoned my blade and finished her off with a coup de grace. It was at this point the beast awoke. With our temporary ally eviscerated, and the rest of the party unconscious or paralysed with rear, it charged up the stairs at me. I met it blow for blow at the top of the stairs. I missed with my first stroke, only for it to lose its footing and fell. Just as Kurt and Corvin were rushing up the stairs to aid me, I was able to kill it, poisoned steel finally ending its wretched existence.

But the dark magics released during the battle had taken their toll, and had critically affected the structure of the castle. We searched for the vessel holding the wyrdstone shard, only to discover the shard gone, and corrosive smoke blocking our path. We fled down into the caverns beneath the castle, and discovered our boat. We quickly set to, evading the full collapse of the castle by mere minutes.

Hurzina’s journal

Sommerzeit 30th contd

After we entered the camp we took time to talk with the outlaws. Their lives seem quite shit but at least they’re not all mutated and stuff. Turns out they a too chicken to take on the castle themselves. Damn good thing we turned up I say. We spent some time examining the map and eventually found a bolt hole in the wall that looks like it tunnels up into the castle. We spent a few days there, resting, planning and training. I sent word to the Dwarven mercs back in Nuln that a good fight was in the works. Turns out the time learning strategies is coming in handy. We agree on a plan where we enter the tunnel, fight our way to the gates and let the outlaws, led by Erwin and Corvin.

Vorgeheim 6th

We head out to the castle to scout the area. Hilda guided us and we mainly kept to the forest but not too far from road. About half hour out from the castle we came across a squad of fracking castle guards and some gods be damned ugly thing, beastman most like. They seemed to be using it as a tracking dog. Manage to duck back into the bushes out of sight and prepare an attack. Went quite well until one of the bastards got me with his halberd. Sliced my chest up good and damn near killed me. Arm is now useless until wound heals but hey at least I have a damn impressive scar, which I won’t be showing off. Damn it all.

Vorgeheim 7th

After the doc healed us up a bit but my chest still fracking sore and I ant hold we prepped and headed out again. This time there were no incidents on the way and we made it to the bolt hole. Corvin checked out the area around the entrance and spotted some messed up tracks. He reckoned they looked like tentacles. When we head into the tunnel, which I was not keen on, spent half the damn time hoping my lantern wouldn’t go out on me, we began to hear grunting animal like noises. The dark and the tunnel and those noises. Not my fracking favourite place I ever been! After what seemed like an eternity we reached a branch in the tunnels. The others chose to go left and I stuck with them. Found some skeleton remains all broken and shit. Hear a scream echo down the tunnels. Man this place gave me the heeby jeebies good and proper. Tunnel led to a large cavern, stone covered in fungi and we tried avoiding it but someone stuffed up and stepped on some. Released spoors which were nauseating and poor Irwin lost his breakfast. We chose one of the two exits and found ourselves in a much larger cavern with an underground river flowing through it. More passages, caverns, some bats. Really not sure how long it took but I am not looking forward to doing this again on the morrow! Finally we reach some very long stairs but up is always good. It ended in a featureless room, well featureless until Corvin found a hidden trap door. Lead to a ramshackle room full of beggars. The others who are far sneakier than me killed a few of them and stole their clothes. Fracking gross man, we dressed up in them to disguise and it was probably less pleasant than the whole dark tunnels shit. Made my skin crawl. Head out into the fresh air of the main courtyard and scouted it out. Noted the patrol patterns, number of guards, that sort of stuff. Returned back through the tunnels of “I hate and do not want to do this againess”. Plan is I do this again tomorrow with Doc, Kurt and the Dwarven mercs bash our way to the gates and open them for Erwin and Corvin to lead the outlaws in. Gunna need a good drink tonight.

8th Vorgeheim.

Shit morning. Looked to be a storm on the way. However, the infiltration went smoothly. 5 mercs go and secure the keep. We head to the gatehouse to open the gates. Burst into the ground floor room and damn me one of the guards had his helm off and his face is all fucked up. The sight left me thoroughly grossed out and Kurt killed him before I managed to get a grip on myself. Sure am seeing some fracked up shit hanging out with these guys. The guards in the next room had prepared for us and were hiding behind an overturned table with more damn halberds. We manage to take them out but we lost two of the mercs. We manage to get the gate open and head back to the Keep to assist the other mercs. Just in time too as the guards from the inner gatehouse had attacked them while they hold the door. Two more of my people fell before we killed the other guards. Leaving the Mercs to hold the door we headed into the strange tower on the other side of the courtyard. The tower seems to be full of walking nightmares, skeletons and a fracking Wight of all things. Kurt and I both find out selves paralyzed in fear. The Doc valiantly fought before getting knocked down badly just as Kurt recovers himself. My damn fear takes longer to overcome and by the time I managed to get hold of myself Kurt was down too. I manage to take the damned thing out. When we headed back to the courtyard we find ourselves in a pitched battle. The outlaws had just arrived as more guards had poured out of the keep. Both the Doc and Kurt, already hurt from the Wight got knocked out. But we took out their lieutenant causing the few remaining guards to run like little bitches only to be cut down. I also got myself messed up in the process. We take a few moments for some quick first aid before heading across the bridge to the main keep. The storm that had been brewing broke and it started pissing down. Main complex marked by a large manor, a big fancy glasshouse which Kurt decided would be fund to toss rocks at, a big trap with a cage above it and metal grate covering it and last but not least a temple. Erwin decides we should check out the temple first. As we open the doors we are greeted by purple fracking smoke and messed up music. Soon realised that the people inside are writhing on the floor in a rather inappropriate way. Erwin decides to start killing them while they are vulnerable. While Corvin for some reason starts dancing. Doc, Kurt and I make our way to the altar and they toss the censors the smoke coming from out the big window. We quickly come to release that the massive statue on the altar is that of Slaneesh. When we approach it a fracking demonette appears. Man this place is seriously messed up and I am never coming here again! The fracking freaky bitch attacked me, shredding my left arm real bad, still hadn’t recovered from the wound to the other arm. Am totally fucked up, can barely hold my axe when I manage to pick it up again. The others manage to seriously wound her making her vanish back to the chaos realm. We make our way to mansion. Main room set up for a banquet, but left to rot. We check the ground floor rooms. One full of stuffed animal, mutants and humans… no dwarfs thank gods. There was a man in the room rambling to himself and Corvin snuck up behind him and slits his throat. Other ground floor room full of dust and musical instruments. Head dup stairs. Long corridor with 6 doors off it. 1 room empty, another had an old noble woman and a crap tonne of mutie cats. Corvin shoots her and we quickly loot her jewellery. Next room contained a very big man in some messed up but impressive armour we hesitate and low and behold he offers his assistance in our fight. Don’t think he wants to help so much as break some skulls but that was fine with me and hope he got himself killed. The fourth room was pretty richly decorated. Clearly the lady Margeritte’s room. A door in her room lead to a tower. The first level held a library, the books while fascinating to look at I am sure would not be good reading material even if I could read. Doc finds a letter from a family member in Middenheim and reads it to us. The next level is a laboratory full of creepy stuff in jars and a big contraption in the middle of the room. The roar of the storm can be heard and Lady Margeritte is standing on the platform. A massive crash of lighting hits the thing and Margeritte lowers the wooden slab down. A werewolf leaps off and attacks us, Margeritte also attacks flinging magic at us. I was absolutely beside myself, barely able to fight and confronted with that shit. A bolt of some evil magic hits my arm knocking me out and leaving my arm a burnt mess.



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